Barangaroo House, Sophisticated Treehouse

Barangaroo House, Sophisticated Treehouse

Barangaroo House calmly sits on the waters edge down in cosmopolitan area of Barangaroo and is one of Sydney’s most sought after dining and bar experiences. It’s an award winning structure by the Solotel group, H&E Architects, with spectacular views of the harbour from all 3 levels of the building. It is owned by tv star Matt Moran with the executive chef being Cory Campbell. Each level offers its own experience with the lower level being a more casual open bar, the 2nd level houses the Bea contemporary Australian dining whilst above is the rooftop bar Smoke. Of interest to me is the use of dark smoked wooden cladding to create these wonderful curved timber balconies, which also function as cover from the elements. The planters hanging over the balconies actually grow edible plants for use in the restaurant. The whole design has an organic sculptural feel to it, and it will be a timeless creation on the king st wharf facade as years go by.

I did a few loops around the house exploring its shapes with my lens and this angle is what does the entire building most justice. There are some interesting close up compositions you can make using objects as foreground elements as well which would be an enjoyable project if you were doing a complete portfolio of Barangaroo House. The interiors are basked in rich leather and more textures of dark and light woods with no expense spared. This truly is how the upper class wine and dine in Sydney! Worth checking out as well if you are just up for a casual drink as the sun sets.

I purposefully shot this during sunset to get the beautiful tones in the wooden cladding, and the iconic Aussie blue skies were a perfect compliment to this. The long shadows are great as well as the actual sunset visible in the glass windows on the lower level of the building.


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