For Everything there is a season – Aaron Nace

For Everything there is a season - Aaron Nace

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We set up our lights – a gridded 30degree WhiteLightining X1600 cam left into the models hair/face @ f/6.3 ISO 100(this was the key/rim) we also set up another WhiteLightning X800 cam right in another room @f/3.5 and shot it straight into to ceiling(for fill)

This was a really awesome photo shoot, we worked as a small team on this one, but still got a big image. Avery and I started sketching a couple of weeks ago, right when the leaves started falling off the trees here in North Carolina. We really wanted to incorporate the feeling of Fall and the changing of the seasons into an image. We came up with the plan to fill a room with leaves and have the windows open, blowing the leaves around, as well as letting in a large amount of light. From our sketching we knew we wanted to the model facing the window, but I also wanted her face to be visible to make the shot a little more personal, and so the viewer could identify with a face in the midst of a ton of leaves. Also I knew we were going to need a rim light acting as a secondary key in the image so we wouldn’t have a completely dark face on the model. I wanted decent fill with the lights, but still a strong feeling of directionality.

Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe/Assistant/leaf blower/girlfriend :Avery Carlton
Model: Lauren Jenkins
Everything Else: Aaron Nace

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