Holding On Tight – Day 169/365 (explore)

Holding On Tight - Day 169/365 (explore)

Day 169/365

I think it’s amazing how long the leaves hold on – technically they should all have dropped. They’re even amazingly coloured! (With a little help from Lightroom… haha!)

Amazing weather right now… fog in the morning and sunsets in the evening. Lovely!

Anyway, I just posted a blog post on my website about a free photoshop action! Read more here… www.oliviabellphotography.com/free-photoshop-action-rose-…

Processed: I used Lightroom to process this and my beloved Vibrant Colours Lightroom Preset! www.oliviabellphotography.com/vibrant-colours-lightroom-p…

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Olivia Bell

Posted by Olivia L’Estrange-Bell on 2011-01-20 20:12:20

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