Norway. 1.09.2017

Norway. 1.09.2017

My September 2017 started in the most magical way ever. That was the stunning beauty I could admired on my way to work in the morning <3 Bicycle, fresh morning air, light and shadows, wonderful contrasts making the landscape even more amazing than as usual… It was like a dream (and it was just my regular way to work!). Especially in the moment when the sun light up only a little fragment of the cloudy fjords, making this surrealistic effect you can see in the photo. Shadows playing with light, colors playing with darkness, Sky playing with Earth… Mind-blowing! ( like nearly everything in Norway)… No Photoshop, all made by nature <3

Norway, 1.09.2017 No Photoshop, all made by nature <3

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Posted by amanecer334 on 2017-09-01 22:32:39

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