Protect These Lands

Protect These Lands

I honestly believe Teddy Roosevelt must be spinning in his grave right now.

If you’re a conservationist and a lover of our incredible natural lands you should be absolutely outraged at the nonsense coming from Trump. Pilfering these amazing natural places for a quick buck in oil, gas, cattle, or metals is a travesty. In my travels to over 150 protected areas in this country each and every one should be preserved and cherished – if not for us – then for those who are not yet born.

This is Canyon de Chelly in Utah. As a National Monument, who is to say what vested corporate and monied interest will target this place next if the precedent is set?

It’s time for the party of Theodore Roosevelt to get back to their roots and take back their party.

#Resist #ProtectTheseLands

Posted by Matt Champlin on 2017-12-06 13:02:23

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