Sunset at Lake Okeechobee

Sunset at Lake Okeechobee

This sunset didn’t come out as amazing as I expected. Shooting directly into the sun with a telephoto lens and expecting foreground clarity is impossible. That’s why I normally shoot my HDR images with a wide angle lens. Unfortunately with a wide angle lens the sun looks like a small tennis ball in the photo. I’ll play around a little more with my telephoto lens to see if I can improve my HDR results while shooting into the sun.

As for the photo, this was shot at the end of my Lake Okeechobee trip, where I drove around the 2nd largest landlocked lake in America. I did this tour to scout out the area for new places to shoot. For a 3 hour drive, of course it took me longer because of the stops, there was quite a bit of stuff to photograph. But I shot mostly birds since the sky was pretty bland.

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Posted by Captain Kimo on 2011-02-03 17:46:26

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