Face Milling our ShopSabre IS Series CNC Routers w/ a 5 Axis Aerospace Machining Center

Full RouterBob Aerospace Milling Walkthrough Video:

New RouterBob Video Coming Soon!!!

More info on the ShopSabre IS Series CNC Router in this Video:

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For almost 20 years, ShopSabre CNC has provided businesses and hobbyists with the best CNC machines at the best value. By focusing on unbeatable customer service and high-quality products built in the USA, we’ve grown from a single machine built at home to one of the most trusted CNC machine manufacturers in the country.

Since building our first machine two decades ago, we now have over 5,100 CNC routers, plasma, and laser engraving machines in a wide variety of industries in over 30 countries. Our success is a result of our commitment to developing a better way to build CNC machines and support our customers.

RouterBob brings over 30 years of CNC experience to the ShopSabre team. He has worked with many manufacturers ranging from entry level to high production. This breadth of experience gives ShopSabre CNC an extra edge over the competition that was already trailing far behind. Make sure to watch all of his #woodworking and metalworking tutorials on our channel.


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