First test run of home built CNC router

Built this CNC router for about $450 total. New nothing about CNC routers prior to this except they were expensive to buy. Watched all the videos online that i could and bought one book. Came up with this plan large enough to cut 2’x4′ area. Seems very tight and accurate, so far. I bought the 3 axis nema 23 motors, drivers & break out board from Wantai for $240. Struggled with the wiring until Wantai sent me a file that I had to convert from a .rar to word. I will post that wiring diagram which spelled it out exactly. They also sent a sheet on all the configs for Mach 3, once again made it very easy. I used V-groove bearings and made everything adjustable. I did use 1 start lead screws from Enco which were very inexpensive and with the made for them, which are very tight. It will be a little slow and can always upgrade to 2 or 5 start later. I bought two 6′ lengths of the lead screws for less than $20 and cut to length and machined the ends for bearings and the motor couplers. In the video I am running the demo version of Mach 3 and roadrunner demo that comes with it. very pleased with Mach 3 and will purchase the license. I will be using the router to cut all the parts for my canoe model kits. I will have a full page with more photos, list of materials and more at


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