Flame Mirror Chrome

Flame Mirror Chrome

Aeromach uses CNC systems to build custom grips, mirrors, levers and arms.

Billet Mirrors – The mirror housing is anodized black and the mirror itself is glass, not a plastic. Aeromach only uses glass because it glass has the best optical properties.

The Optical Secret – The reason an Aeromach mirror is desirable and isn’t cheap is because of the billet. The density of the aluminum is much higher than the cast stock mirrors from Harley or other accessory suppliers. This metal density combined with glass optics instead of plastic increases the clarity of the mirror by as much as 40% over stock.

The Aeromach mirrors and stems are manufactured in NASCAR country right outside of Charlotte, NC using aircraft quality solid billet extruded T6 aluminum. When the CNC machine isn’t carving up 200 MPH go fast parts, its delivering consistent design and quality motorcycle mirrors, stems and grips..

Aeromach’s started manufacturing by making parts for M-1 tanks, helicopters and space shuttle components.

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