Fresh out of the machine

Fresh out of the machine

Sitting looking at my tiny cnc machine I was wondering what to make and the idea of a KAP rig crossed my mind. So here is a start. It is the first time I have cut aluminum and some of the cuts are sort of rough but the pieces are coming out. It will have two servos to tilt and pan. At first, I think, it will be controlled by a basic stamp and I will have it just spin around and take panoramic pictures. Soon I hope to have it radio controlled but all that stuff will come later. There is still a little work to do before it can fly. I am hoping to work on the finish and anodize the aluminum. There is some dye in the mail so it should be a pretty color. The electronics should be simple. The basic stamp can drive the servos and it will need power (I am thinking just a 9 volt battery right now).

This is the first piece out of the cnc. It fits the servo, that’s good. Better get to work on the next pieces.

Posted by tocs on 2010-10-01 18:13:01

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