Gas flame cutting of sheet steel 40 mm, CNC v0.2

Gas flame cutting of sheet steel 40 mm, CNC v0.2

Automatic cutting steel with a thickness of 40 mm using gas-oxygen torch. THE MACHINE Thermal cutting of metals «RUR 3500» With respect to its structural and dynamic properties the RUR CNC cutting machine is suitable not only for oxy fuel and conventional plasma cutting but also for High Definition plasma cutting. The RUR is characterized by a substantial fully welded machine frame using a digitally synchronized twin side motion control system fitted to both longitudinal rails of the machine. The machine also incorporates a high level of dynamic automation. Basic equipment fully welded beam without bolted joints linear bearing in cross axis NEW AC servo-drive system (12 000 mm/min.) digital synchronisation in longitudinal axis NEW PIERCE 15“ control system with touch screen floating cutting heads electric ignition capacitive height control of oxy torch automatic piercing with HI-LOW preheating automatic initial height sensing of plasma torch arc voltage height control of plasma torch parking for 1 head out of cutting area limit switch protection in each axis Optional equipment NEW PIERCE 19“ control system with touch screen plasma system by customer request linear bearing in longitudinal axis NEW AC servo-drive system (20 000 mm/min.) automatic gas console torch selection from control panel anti-collision system pneumatic, plasma or ink jet marker air cooling of portal frame control system heating (for winter operation) parking space for 3 torches

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