Home Made CNC Router Cutting Guitar, Pt.1: Pickup Cavities and Neck Pocket

In this video my home-made CNC is cutting the pickup cavities and neck pocket for a Charvel-style 3-TITE style guitar body.

Wood of cloice is alder. Not shown is the previous operation, where I surface planed the face down 1/16″, though you can see the lip where the face was surfaced.

I’m using a 1/2″ 2-flute straight bit. Inadverantly, the feedrate was set to 100ipm at .32″ cut depth. Somewhere in the middle of the program I slow it down to about 80ipm. I used 100ipm for the surfacing, and forgot to change it in VCarve Pro!

The cut still came out well, but I was nervous since I didn’t have a 1/2″ shank bit to do this with! One on the way…

For information on my CNC build check here:


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