Making a small pull toy with home made cnc router.

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Used materials:
– about 18mm (0,7″) thick ash wood board for toy body,
– about 10mm ( 0,4″) thick oak board for toy wheels,
– plywood board,
– round bamboo skewer,
– wood glue,
– one sheet of paper for printing,
– P100 and P200 sandpaper
Used cnc bits:
– 1/4″ downcut spiral bit for roughing and cutting out,
– 1/8″ tapered ball nose bit for toy body finishing,
– 1/16″ tapered ball nose bit for wheels routing.
Applied wood finishes:
– Liberon neutral beeswax for finishing body of the toy,
– Liberon pure tung oil for finishing wheels.
Used software:
– Vectric Aspire for toolpath generation,
– Mach3 for cnc router motion.


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