VOLTER 4020 CNC Router Cutting Postprint Plastic with IP-Camera for Sign-Making and POS

High precision 3-axis VOLTER 4020 CNC Router is cutting Postprint Plastic for Sign-Making and POS with IP-Camera which scans image and make countour for cutting automatically.

VOLTER 4020 CNC Router parameters: 4200x2150mm routing area, 160mm gantry clearance, single spindle HSD 4,6kW, vacuum hold-down 6-zones system with 7kW blower, 15” TFT touch screen display, ArtCAM Express software.

The accuracy of VOLTER CNC Router is 0.025 mm.

More options for VOLTER 4020 CNC Router is available:
– lubrication and cooling system,
– universal dust collection shoe (material hold-down and dust collection),
– dual spindles option,
– various HSD spindles (2kW, 4.6kW Q.R., 7.5kW Q.R., 10kW Q.R.),
– various gantry clearance (250mm, 350mm or 450mm).

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