Walk around of my Joes Hybrid R&P CastCNC V2K2 CNC Router

This is a walk around of my Joes Hybrid Rack and Pinion CastCNC V2K2 CNC Router I built. It is running a break in wizard while I am walking around it. It has an 11ga welded steel base, V rail and V bearings, dual 72″ 8020 X gantry and 72″ 8020 Y extrusions, rack and pinion drive from cncrouterparts and Moore Gear, CastCNC cast aluminum carriages, and a 8″ K2 Linear Z axis slide with K2 mount and a Hitachi M12VC router with KentCNC dust shoe. It is powered by a Gecko G540 4-axis controller, 48V power supply and four nema23 380oz steppers from cncrouterparts in an industrial controller box setup I designed. Also shown is the FPZ pump, inlet fileter, and 2″ ball valve PVC manifold for my vacuum clamping table setup used to hold work to the table top with just vacuum.


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