Watercolor on paper 20,5″ x 14,5″

Watercolor on paper 20,5

Acquerello su carta 52 x 37 cm
There was once a color in my watercolor box, bought a couple of years ago and remained unused…
It was an unusual orange, which did not fit in my color palette at that time: and so, after one or two attempts, I had discarded and forgotten it.
But lately I’ve been going in search of new shades: I wish different and more daring color combinations… perhaps you have even noticed this 😉 … and therefore I’m also exhuming all my neglected and abandoned tubes, to see what comes out.
So, for this last painting, I took out this Winsor Orange Red Shade of Winsor & Newton… and I discovered a magic color!
An orange that is a bit a pink, and that can go from an absolute intensity to a subtle nuance… and gives wonderful shades of mauve in union with the ultramarine blue.
If then it is combined with a lemon yellow, you have the perfect color for the flaming foliage of the last glimpses of autumn…

Posted by Cristina Dalla Valentina on 2012-12-10 13:01:46

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