An ancient Celtic Cross and the Glorious South Facade

An ancient Celtic Cross and the Glorious South Facade

St Breaca’s Church – Breage – Cornwall – UK

The stunning 15th century Church of St Breaca now known as St Breage an Irish Nun who came to Cornwall in the 5th Century. It is amazing that the small Cornish village of Breage has such a fine historic church in it’s midst. For more information about this church click here: Breage Church

Around April 2015 I decided I wanted to take more Black and White photographs especially of Cornwall’s granite landscapes. After a trip to the Zennor area we visited Zennor Church, it was then that I realised Cornwall’s Churches and Churchyards held far more Photographic interest for me. Outside they had that gritty look ideal for Black & White photography and inside they often had some truly amazing colours in the woodwork, stonework, kneeler cushions and stained glass windows. So began The Churches Project. For full details about this project click here: The Churches Project

The Cornish Historic Churches Trust do great work looking after the beautiful Churches of Cornwall for future generations. Their website is here if you would like to support them: Cornish Historic Churches Trust

All Photography & Equipment is sponsored by they are UK’s leading Filter Specialists serving the heavy duty Automotive Industry.

My Portfolio Website & Blog is here:
Piktour…..Cornish for Picture… a Photographer in Cornwall

I take Photographs purely as a hobby these days so am happy to share them with anyone who enjoys them or has a use for them. If you do use them an accreditation would be nice and if you benefit from them financially a donation to <a href="http://www.sightsa

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