Theater Window

Theater Window

Tim Carney –my husband– built the oak frame for this amazing window. Barry Hood made the stained glass and the two of them installed the window in a few hours. The window is 8 feet tall. The window is based on the original architects’ drawings with some improvements made to the design. For years, the Grandstreet Theatre (our community theater in an old church) had a really ugly window here with frosted glass (like shower glass). This is SO much better! Wow!

Blog about the window:

The stained glass is amazing in it’s own right and I’m glad Tim thought of asking Barry to be the glass artist on this project. From an outside observer’s point of view, the oak window frame looked like even more of a project — I saw the mathematical and design process closeup as Tim was figuring out how the heck to build this complicated wood structure to make it symmetrical, proportional and strong You just don’t see craftsmanship like this on many contemporary buildings. There are literally hundreds of small curved wood parts in three layers, making up the seven small circles, the large center circle and the two arch shapes in the corners. Figuring out how to make the wood frame was a mathematical puzzler.

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