3-Phase table saw help

I recently bought a Delta Unisaw off of Craigslist for $300. I thought it was a steal even though I couldn’t test it. It had a good fence, extension wings, rolling outfeed table, mobile base etc. It had belonged to an older gentleman who passed and the grandchildren were selling it. They knew nothing about it but had people in line to buy it at that price. When I got it home, I realized that it was a 3-phase motor. I am just a novice woodworker and it’s not affordable to have 3-phase routed into my garage. Can anyone provide some insight into what I can do to make the saw functional? Change the motor? Buy some sort of inverter/converter to change single-phase 240V into 3 phase 240V? Any help would be appreciated. The exact model is 34-807. I’m now thinking of just cleaning it up a bit, and reselling it. Please HELP!!

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