Are there any craftsmen here who would be willing to make a shallow cabinet for me so I can create a “busy box” for my brother with Alzheimer’s?

I’m imagining a cabinet with 2 doors, just a free-standing, shallow cabinet the size and depth of a medicine cabinet (or deeper if necessary for sturdiness).

My plan is to attach [several different kinds of latches and hooks]( on the doors for him to fiddle with — so that he can undo them all and open the doors, then fasten them closed again (no actual locks that would frustrate him). Best are latches with moving parts like a Flip latch, Hook & Eye latch, Barrel Bolt, Latch Hook Hasp, Catch Clip Clamp hasp, etc.

Since I’m going to want so much hardware on the doors, the wood needs to be strong enough to support their weight and the drilling involved, and the box needs to be sturdy enough not to fall forward from the weight of the hardware.

Any advice is welcomed. Are there any other ways I can do this? I know nothing about construction, but I’m certain my brother would enjoy fiddling with this (especially if his wife hides treats inside the cabinet for him to find)!

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