Deck flooring: Pine vs cypress vs sprice

Would you rather a pine, spruce, or cypress floor?

I’m putting wood flooring over my concrete porch. The house is less than a year old, so the porch is in great shape, but we like wood more than bare concrete. The porch is 18 feet long by 8 feet wide. It has a roof and, though it’s in muggy Florida, doesn’t get much rain on it.

We plan to lay down 1-inch thick pine joists on the concrete. Either fixed with Liquid Nails or Tapcons. Atop this we’ll place 1×6 boards with tongue and groove joins. Tongue and groove looks really beautiful, and pooling water isn’t a concern (covered porch).

We’re not sure what wood to use for the flooring. We estimate that we’ll need 55 1x6x8′ boards (counting waste, some scribing, and a skirt). Our local lumber yard offer these dimensions with pre-cut tongue and groove joins.

D grade pine will cost $457
Spruce will cost $462
Cypress will cost $580

We like the look of cypress but aren’t sure if it’s worth the extra money. If you had to choose between these three woods, which would you pick?

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