DIY Dust cyclone advice needed

I have an idea for a low-ish profile dust cyclone that will help me out with the cost of replacing vacuum bags. My idea is to use a 10 gallon brute trash can and cut a hole in the side near the top to use as an inlet, then have the outlet come out the top center. I’ve seen this idea executed a lot using orange buckets and heard mixed results.

People’s main complaint seems to be that without a pretty tall cyclone, the vacuum just sucks everything straight through. My brilliant idea is to put a motorcycle air filter over the outlet hose in the cyclone. I know there will be a loss of suction when passing through the filter, but it should be pretty minimal as long as I keep the filter clean.

My question is, what stupid reason that I haven’t thought of will prevent this from working? Is it even necessary?

Thanks for the feedback.

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