Do I Need an Air Straightener for my Dust Collector

Hello fellow woodworkers. I’m putting a dust collector in my garage and while I was researching various designs I came across several comments where people were saying that if your cyclone doesn’t turn the air the same way as your blower then an air straightener should be installed to increase efficiency and reduce noise.

I have several questions about this and I’m hoping the community can help me out.

1. Is my setup turning the wrong way?
2. If it is, can anyone recommend an air straightener? Preferably one that is small and cheap.
3. How much of a difference does the air straightener really make in terms of efficiency and noise?

Appreciate any advice you can lend about this (or my overall setup) since this is my first rodeo.

Edit: I guess the ‘air straightener’ is actually called a [flow straightener.](

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