End grain cutting board care and oiling questions

Hello! I am very new to the world of end grain cutting boards and am a little confused about how to properly care for them, which in turn makes me paranoid about ruining them. Some background:

One board is end grain maple measuring 16” x “22” x 2”. The other is end grain southern yellow pine measuring 15” x 12.5” x 1.5” (yes, I realize after the fact it’s not the best cutting board material but the purchase is done, the board is here, and at the very least I am happy to have supported a small business during this time). Both were finished with mineral oil and board cream prior to me receiving.

Right after unwrapping them, I used cumulatively 30 oz. of mineral spirits between the two over the course of several days — the boards would just keep absorbing so I kept on applying they were saturated. I’ve been taking care to properly wash and dry the boards (light scrubbing immediately after use, towel dry, stand on edge to completely dry), and have even reapplied oil 3 times and 1 time with extra board cream since they’ve been in my care, which is just a little over a week. It seems that even a light wash with a sponge and diluted Dr. Bronner’s renders the boards lighter in color, less able to make water bead on the surface, and so so thirsty yet again. I’m so confused how y’all are getting water to stay beading on your boards as my oil seems to wash off and the board seems lighter and less bead-y after every single wash. Am I just supposed to oil after every use until this stops (and if so, any idea how long I’ll be in this oiling purgatory? I thought that giving it a very thorough oiling when I first got it would take care of most of this work). Am I overthinking and over oiling?

Thanks for any help!

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