Had a rude awakening vis-a-vis wood warp. Share your own horror stories to help me feel better?

Last week I bought some **[Redgum](https://www.wood-database.com/sweetgum/)**. Took it home, planed it, cleaned it up, cauled the hell out of the two pieces I edge-glued. It was flatter than a Kansas landscape. Cut the pieces to size, and in the process took a couple of the pieces to the bandsaw to trim for use as **[bow tie drawer faces](https://i.imgur.com/UBughEq.jpg)**. Looked good. Set ’em all aside.

Two days later, check on the bow ties and the wood is so warped that when one corner is flat to the surface, the other is **[a good ⅛” high](https://i.imgur.com/Pvnt2zK.jpg)**. Take a look at all the other pieces.

All of it, bent, bowed, cupped, or otherwise warped. _Especially_ the glued pieces. $500 of lumber, completely useless until I give it a few more months to stabilize. _If_ I’m able to salvage the warpage.


It’s my own fault, I thought 7.5% was dry enough. Apparently not.

Anyway. Someone make me feel better by telling me how you pulled an even bigger boner, please and thank you.

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