Help on a desk build

Hi everyone.

I’m making a home office desk for my wife. My first big build. She likes [this table]( so I’ve set my goals a bit higher than my current skill (opportunity to learn).

I’m hoping the community can give me some build tips and help me reverse engineer this thing. I have the table top boards dressed (from 8/4 wormy maple) and ready for a glue up but I’m reluctant to progress as I feel like working on the large table top (about 6’ long x 27” wide) will make the leg joinery more difficult.

My current plan was to glue up the top (using my new birthday domino) then router out a channel on the bottom side of the table top for the legs and cross beam to sink in. Because the leg post and the beam come in on an angle, I’d have to make a custom plate to get the router to plunge in on the angle necessary.

For the end legs, I was thinking I’d just use my dozoki to cut out the gap on the corner but I’m not sure how to join it. More dominos?

Really any suggestions (or approval of my plan) would be welcome as I try to narrow down the options and gain sufficient confidence to proceed.


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