IMG_7112, Almost ready

IMG_7112, Almost ready

The bench top and legs are all cut out and ready to go, joinery is up next. But first I decided to fill some of the more egregious cracks and split knots with some epoxy mixed with sawdust from trimming the ends. Once it’s cured (24 hours) I’ll scrape it smooth and it will be time to layout the mortises for the legs and get them chopped. Compound angles…fun fun fun.

Note: I’m not going for furniture quality here, it’s a workbench. It will get dinged up, probably fairly quickly. So it doesn’t need to be smooth and silky. But I’d prefer not to have gaping cracks catching at the workpieces as I move them around the bench top, hence the gap-filling.

Posted by rbrazile on 2020-04-29 23:27:37

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