lengthwise bevel in 2×6

Hi all – working on making a guide system for loading a slide in camper into my truck bed. I want a 2×6 on edge with a bevel the length of the board (6′ long). I want a full 1.5 width for the bottom 2″ of the 2×6 and then tapering from full width to completely cut off at the corner at 5.5″. One will be on the left of the truck bed and another on the right both sloping inwards creating a ramp of sorts for the camper to slide down into the correct position if it is slightly off center.


At first I thought I could do this on the table saw (8″) fairly easily, but I can only get 2.9″ on a 90* cut and I only have a right tilting blade. I’ve managed to make my hair hurt trying to visualize if I can cut what I want this way, maybe by cutting one way then reversing to cut the other side where I can’t get the depth on the first cut.

I guess worst case I can just get maximum tilt on the blade that will still give a full cut, but this will leave a ‘ramp’ that isn’t as steep and will make it less likely the camper will slide down the self-guiding ramp.

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