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I’m trying to replace my computer desk and already searching online to buy a new one. The problem is, I can’t find an ideal desk for me unless I spend thousands of dollars worth of desk which is also not perfect or near to what I want. The idea of building one came to me last night and searched how to build one and ended up here in reddit. I saw some few post particularly here in this sub and got some few inspirations.

I went to our local hardware today and already found potential table top that I could buy. I was into gaming before but I stopped few years and upgraded my monitor to a 43 inch 4k smart tv. I don’t game anymore but I could game again in the future. This desk will be used by my wife and kids too so I need it to be strong and stable as well.

I would like to get some advice or opinion based on what I’m planning or want from this table project.

First is, I need it to be strong and stable that can hold a big smart tv (43 inch), speaker and the rig itself.

Second is, I want it to be safe for kids (paints, coating) if ever, in rare cases, they bite on the wood or drop their food on the surface.

Third and last is, I want it to be movable. If we moved to a different place in the future, I want the legs or the support for it to be removable and assemble again in the future.

I found some post here where they used some kind of black tubes or some sort of pipes and would love to know if where to get those and if this is ideal and strong for this kind of project? What legs or support is the most ideal to what I need?

Another questions is, In my local hardware, there are different wood tops like laminated panel, laminated bamboo, acacia oiled harwood, etc. Which one should I choose amongst them?

I have some experience with hand tools and power tools but zero experience with building a furtniture or table like this. I hope you could give me some advice on how to choose parts for it or the best way to do it. Thanks heaps!


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