Need help selecting a lathe for my father’s 60th Birthday, and have no idea what I am looking for, Please Help.

So as the title says, I have no idea what I am looking for.

My father has started woodworking in the last few years. And in a recent conversation he mentioned that he would like a lathe. So my brother’s and I would like to get him one for his 60th next month.

I have seen prices from $400.00 to nearly $4000.00. Some are obviously more than he will need. But I also don’t want to get him something that potentially low quality, it is his 60th.

For usage, it would be predominately woodworking. But he has also expressed that he really wants to try stuff with epoxy resin. He is learning, but is also a heavy equipment technician, so isn’t afraid of learning to use new machines.

So if anyone could offer advise, or a recommendation, or things to avoid, it would be greatly appreciated.

Our budget is between $1000-1,500 ideally.
Thank you, for any information you can provide.

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