Not sure if this goes here, but I have some questions about drying lumber 15.5″ poplar logs

Sorry to the mods if this isn’t where this goes, but it’s for a project I’m hoping to undertake: I have a big lombardy poplar tree at my cottage that’s mostly dead and needs to come down. I was looking to save a 6 foot segment from the bottom that’s 15 inches in diameter, and I wanted to know how long I should dry it for in order to have good lumber for building a table to go next to some lounge chairs. That being said, I’ve gotten really conflicting information on how long I should leave it to dry, some forum threads say it dries quick despite its high water content, others say its high water content means it takes forever to dry, so I thought I would come here.

Again, mods, please message me or something if this isn’t where this stuff goes, I don’t want to break any rules, and any help is appreciated.

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