Office Desk in Woodshop – Dust Cover?

I’m about to have a baby and since we’re all working from home these days I’m going to end up moving all my work operations into my woodshop/garage. I’m super lucky that it’s a dedicated garage just for woodworking/DIY projects, though I’m not too sure how I can keep the desk/electronics from getting super dusty.


I have decent dust collection in the shop, but there’s always going to be some residual dust. I’m not looking for a 100% solution, just something that will keep my desk relatively dust free.


So far I’ve done the following:

* Sealed openings like garage door/window
* Installed / upgraded dust collection so each tool has dedicated DC


Things I’m thinking might work help:

* Air filtering a la [this]( or [this]( video
* Some kind of dust cover – was thinking about sewing up a few drop-cloths from the home store to fit over my desk.
* Just saw [this post]( and thought the idea for separating the space during dusty work sessions was really interesting.
* My desk is on wheels, so maybe I could tuck it away in a corner and cover it during dusty work sessions

These are just my thought so far – would love to hear what anyone else thought or if anyone has dealt with this in the past! Thanks for your help 😀

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