Oil stain dried before I could wipe off

Hey guys I have some updates on my project. I stained the underside of my desk as a test run but it seemed to have dried before I could wipe it off, which left a thick tacky layer. I read that I had a couple of options. The first was apply another coat of stain that would loosen up the previous coat, which could then be wipe off. The other was to get a rag with mineral spirits and wipe off any excess stain.

I decided to try the mineral spirits option. I wiped the table and now it doesnt feel tacky… but it does look like some spots are “wet” than others. I’m just wondering if thats from the mineral spirits or if there is still excess stain on those parts?

*I did not use wood conditioner since i only have enough for one side of the table and wanted to use it for the top. I’m not concerned with how the underside looks, but I just want to know if it is safe to proceed and flip the table over, or if I should keep trying to wipe off any excess stain or apply another coat.

**i should also note that when I was wiping with mineral spirits there seemed to be a good amount of staining rubbing off. Should I keep going until no more comes off?

Any advice is appreciated!


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