Opinion: Shellac Vs Oil Poly – bunk beds

Ok guys, I know I am overthinking this, so off to the internet to break my builders block lol.

Building bunk beds for the little ones. Littlest is only ~2, and oldest 4, so these will see lots of abuse. Built them out of Hard Maple, so the wood should be up to it.

Bought a can of shellac, thinking the ease of repairs would win over the lack of a really hard finish. As a bonus, is less toxic when the kids do dumb things and bite it 😆

Then started think that maybe I should just put a really good coat of oil poly, and not have to worry about maintenance as much. Bonus is I think the steps will hold up better this way.

So I have both. What’s everyone’s opinion? Poly is a pain to repair when they mess them up, but in theory should take a lot more abuse before it matters.

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