Purcahsed GERTON beech tabletop (155 x 75 cm), Need advice on finishing


It’s my first time doing any type of woodworking, never sanded or painted in my whole life.

I purchased this tabletop and the surface felt kind of rough, totally different from what was on DP, but anyhow. Currently, I like the colour of the tabletop but would like to go through stain process if it’s not difficult.

I currently live in an apartment and tight on budget so I just want to buy as little as possible but still get great results, so I am hoping to find some advice here.

This is the table


I looked at some poly and this came up the most for this tabletop :


For stain, I wanted dark-oak but I will have to see the colour in the store to see if I really like it

For sandpapers, which grit should I buy?

For brushes to apply poly and stain, do I need two brushes or will one brush be sufficient?

From what I gather the process is

sand -> apply -> wipe off excess and repeat.

Any tips/advices are welcome

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