Refinished old hardwood floor

Staycation project to rip out the old ratty carpet in the dining room (now the wifes office), reveal the original hardwood floor (guestimated to be White Oak), remove the gloriously bad orange stain and replace with a satin finish.

Removing the carpet, underlay, nails and staples went surprisingly quickly. I can’t recommend knee pads enough for this, even the cheapy ones I picked up a few weeks prior was one of the best investments I made.

First time using a drum sander to remove the original stain. A few hiccups where I was a little heavy handed with it but this is the first time using it and this room was our test run before doing the rest of the house. So valuable learning opportunities throughout the project.

Satin finish applied using 2″ foam brush, 3 coats in total. If anyone knows of anyone selling a wider foam brush with a long handle that I can use standing up instead of kneeling down then that would be greatly appreciated.

The obnoxiously orange floor:

First sanding pass:

Satin finish completed:

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