Suggestions on fixing this ? Amateur problems

Background: I built a mostly square mobile miter saw table, and this. This is a pedestal for my washer and dryer to replace the wobbly plywood platform there now. The intent was to make something :solid: and closed at the bottom w/ storage

I’ll never attempt drawers without a table saw, because even with a straight edge as a guild, things are wonky. I cut the drawers properly, but I had to account for an extra 1″ total gap for the slide hardware, and i forgot the edge wood cap would be slightly set outside to cover its width on the sides.

I cut the 2nd drawer face (left) 2nd, so I accounted for the extra space, but I spend more time trying to get it all working and sliding vs redoing the face. The options that I see to close that gap:


1) (Worst) Remove the front face and recut a proper one. Bad because its glued and 18g brad nailed

2) Fit a wood slice to cover the gap. The whole thing will be sanded and painted, so I can fix the new line / gap in post

3) Add some additional trim around the drawer faces. This will require more wood, more 45 cuts, and may look off still because it wont be centered. Bonus it might be an additional flare


Doing it right was my choice (0), but that is past. I learned so much about my future projects and my tools


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