What is the cost of timber where you live?

I’m in the UK and I watch YouTube videos of Americans using really nice cedar wood, oak and walnut and when I look it up in the UK it just seems really expensive!

Here are examples:

**Pressure treated timber is I think affordable so here is how much that costs for comparison**
2×4 – 2.4 metre length (about 7ft 10inches) costs about £6 ($7.45)
3×2 – 2.4 metre length costs about £4 ($4.97).

**Hardwood seems expensive to me**
American Walnut – 4×1 – 2 metre length (about 6.5 ft) costs around £135 ($167).

European oak – 4×1 – 2 metre length costs around £108 ($134).

All prices are inclusive of taxes.

Maybe I’m unfamiliar with the prices of this sort of stuff or I’m looking into the wrong places but I’m genuinely curious what people pay for timber/lumbar.

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